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The CFPDC Wellness Center strives to promote health and wellness through a comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach to disease prevention and early detection among racially, socially, and economically diverse populations within the Greater Washington Region. Through the generous contribution and support from philanthropists, public/private funding agencies, and community volunteers, this center and all of its services are affordable for all.

The CFPDC wellness center will be a catalyst for the development of comprehensive community-based programs, that will utilize the mind-body-spirit approach to disease prevention and early detection, to reduce the incidence, prevalence, morbidity, and mortality of preventable diseases within diverse communities throughout the country.

The CFPDC Wellness Center is one of the dynamic programs under the greater CFPDC umbrella. CFPDC was established in 1999, as a faith-based and community-based organization with the purpose of producing well-grounded, well-balanced, well-informed, and well-equipped individuals. The center’s philosophy is based on the premise that every human being regardless of race, class, gender or family background possesses the potential to live a whole and abundant life if provided with the proper environment, the necessary resources, and an ample supply of love, nurture, encouragement and support.

Covenant’s commitment to serve the community is reflected in the many community services operated under the auspices of CFPDC. Since its inception, CFPDC has operated and/or hosted several programs, some of which have gone on to develop into major self-sufficient community resources, including: the Max Robinson Center, Bread for the City, The Community of Hope, several crisis intervention centers, and others .
The CFPDC wellness center focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection as a means of combating the dis-ease of our society, by empowering individuals, families, and communities with the skills, opportunities, and self-management strategies to activate the normal homeostatic processes that lead to health and wellness. Under the “mind” or mental healthcomponent, the center offers a various forms of mental health services and counseling programs. The physical health or “body” component offers on-going, structured exercise classes (e.g. boot camp, zumba, dance classes); recurrent blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol screening programs; annual and bi-annual community health fairs (with educational and screening); health promotional activities through partnerships with the American Heart Association as a “heart healthy company”; partnerships with local hospitals and federally qualified health centers (s e.g. the Community of Hope, Medstar Washington Hospital Center, Howard University Hospital, United Medical Center), and partnering with other organizations that have goals aligned with CFPDC.


‍At the CFPDC, we offer a variety of programs that include Zumba classes, boot camp, exercise and fitness classes, evidenced based health and wellness programs, public/private community based interventions, nutrition, insurance information, disease self-management programs.   

For additional information about any of these programs, including registration details, please call the 
center at (202) 562-5576.




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